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We have tested the Mercedes C220D 4Matic

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The first Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the successor to the famous W202 model 190, was produced in the summer of 1993. A little later the same year another car legend was born.

The redesigned fourth-generation C-Class, the best-selling model in Mercedes-Benz, is so authentic, modernized and “own” that many may rightly consider it a whole new generation. Or even with a new model in the Mercedes range. Compared to the first model of the 4th generation from 2014, the new C class has changed as many as 6,500 parts according to Mercedes data. Many solutions were taken from the S and E classes, so we had the opportunity to get acquainted with one very specific model. Of course, we won’t make all the difference from our predecessor, but let’s start with the novelty on the exterior of our tested 220D model.

Mercedes-c220d-4matic- interior mb4y

Under eye view – Sporty elegance

Today’s C class has outgrown its prase segment from 4.7 m. It has been classified into compact city sedans, or the D segment, for quite some time.

The appearance of the new star in the premium car sky is especially defined by its front. It features a modern design of led headlights and an elegant attractive cooler mask, as well as harmonious fog lights and bumpers. The side lines are done with precision and sporty elegance (just like Federer’s game). Therefore, the restyled C-Class entices sighs at first glance. In front of the newsroom where we were parked in breaks we noticed a strange phenomenon. Specifically, enthusiastic passers-by often made the rounds to the rear to make sure which model was in fact. To the average observer, at first glance, the new C Class looks nothing like the heir to the famous Mercedes baby car, or the popular “elephant”.

This C-Class version comes standard with halogen headlamps and integrated LED daytime running lights.

In the new version, the AMG line of accessories necessarily includes the aforementioned diamond-shaped front grille that makes a special impression. Also, 18-inch AMG alloy wheels add significant rejuvenation. The back of the sedan also has a whole new look, especially in the lower half. The geometry, trims and exhaust pipes vary depending on the equipment selected and the engine version. For our C 220D variant, it looks “pretty as pictured”.

Interior – Just that much
In recent years, Mercedes has been able to experiment with the interior of its new models. It is often the case that German designers fill us with numerous advanced technological solutions, both necessary and unnecessary from the perspective of the average driver. However, in the restyled C-Class there seems to be no surplus but no shortage of equipment offered.

Those who do not like “bread over cake” will certainly love the interior and cockpit of the model presented.

Mercedes C220D 4Matic

In our C-class tested, we had a 7.0-inch infotainment system screen (can be as high as 10.25˝). The screen is much smaller and smaller than the A-Class, for example. There is also a very clear and functional digital instrument panel, with clear colors that change depending on the driving style you choose. Control of both screens is enabled from the revised touchpad multifunction steering wheel and from the center console. The steering wheel itself is adjustable and very comfortable to handle.

Speaking of the “Central Automobile Administration”, that is where we would make our first remark to our beauty. Although it looks quite luxurious and fancy, the black piano lacquered on the center console is ideal for collecting dust and fingerprints. We were literally in the situation of cleaning it several times a day, which is certainly not in the job description of a Mercedes driver.

Stronger, faster, better, more expensive…

Mercedes decided to offer a generous range of C-class facelift units. There are new diesel 1.6-liter engines (OM D116), then the already known 200, 220 and 300 diesel engineers, as well as 5-6 different petrol units in sixty versions. We came to the test with a class C famous 220D (OM 641, but more powerful). Instead of the outdated 2.2-liter diesel used so far, here we have 1950 cubic feet of working volume. So a four-cylinder, two-liter turbo diesel engine with more than excellent 194 horsepower (about 50 more than similar predecessors).

Many will say: this is the best diesel engine on the market right now.

When a smart 4Matic all-wheel-drive is added to the glossy engine, it is easier to find hair in the egg than to notice the engine and drive assembly. It should be added that our “athlete” develops its maximum 400 Nm of torque at only 1600 rpm, which is really pleasant to feel while driving.

And on the ride?

Several things fascinated us in the ride itself. In addition to the aforementioned comfort and driving atmosphere, it is first and foremost a behavior in the curves of this compact sedan. Then, the reliability of our 4Matic drive in winter and autumn driving conditions (because in 7 days we had the opportunity to try it in at least three seasons), and its elasticity and acceleration behavior. This ease of gear change when the digital speedometer crosses 100 kilometers per hour, especially in sport mode, is certainly due to the already presented high torque, excellent engine power transfer and low air resistance.

This is actually due to the proportionally small front surface and the coefficient of resistance, which according to the factory data is 0.26, or the smallest in a given segment. At any speed, when the accelerator pedal drops sharply, the automatic shifts one or two gears lower, so our Mercedes begins to accelerate violently like the Federer once did in the Wimbledon finals. Very powerful brakes, also according to factory data, at a speed of one hundred per hour allow for a stop of only 34 meters, which, for obvious reasons, we did not check.

Instead of a conclusion
If you think diesel time has passed, you have not driven in a new Mercedes C 220D. And since every pleasure has to be paid, the price of the new C-Class is also in the Federer rank – Switzerland. Although it starts at more than tempting € 28,700 in our country, it is only a “nod” because it is a completely klot model. Package by package, equipment by equipment, system by system, and we come to a much more realistic, but scary, 50 thousand euros. Still, who can afford it, the C Class will not disappoint it, as it is really worth every European cent invested.

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