Tuned Mercedes AMG G63

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Bolt-on mods have turned 2020 G-Wagen into fire-breathing monster that can roar from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 is the peak of the G-Class lineup. But true to the spirit of the G-Wagen, one G 63 owner decided to climb even higher with the output of his G 63 and turn it into a fire-breathing modified monster.

His name is Adam Chesney. To him, the G-Class is not just a flashy whim. It’s a lifestyle. He tells the host of this video, Eddie Xu, about his history with the iconic off-roader. Chesney used to have a white last-generation G 63 with custom suspension components.

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

Now he has a 2020 model. Like many of the vehicles he’s had in the past, it has bolt-on modifications (in this case, “full cat-less downpipes” and blow-off valves) and water/methanol injection.

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

Altogether, the enhanced twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 generates 800 crank horsepower – and shoots flames out of its side exhaust in Sport + mode. Chesney also has a “drag unit” on his G. Even on a cold road, he was able to blast to 60 mph in 3.88 seconds. That’s a great time for any vehicle, especially one with the aerodynamics of a dam wall.

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

Chesney is not stopping there. Next up on his mod list is upgraded turbos and suspension components. We can only imagine how powerful his G can be once a company develops an E85 fuel system for it.

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

As a previous G-Class owner, Chesney knows how much of an improvement the newest generation is. He tells Xu his favorite part of his current G 63 is “the front independent suspension and … the ride quality.” That doesn’t mean Chesney sticks to smooth roads, though. “I actually use mine. I off-road it. I beat on it.”

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

Chesney’s love of his 2020 G 63 doesn’t diminish his affinity for past models. He plans on getting two older G-Wagens: a two-door that he’ll swap a newer AMG V8 into and a G65 that he’ll never get rid of. Even if Chesney does let it go for some reason, we have a feeling his love of the G-Wagen won’t let go of him.

Tuned Mercedes G63 AMG

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