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“Silver Arrows” appeared on the track this summer in a far darker shade of metallic gray, and such will be Benz’s cars when the Formula E championship continues.

The pilots of the Mercedes F1 team surprised the automotive public this summer, when they “drove” cars out of the garage, painted in a far darker shade of metallic gray compared to the original, under which they started in 2014 and began a brutal domination over the competition.

The silver arrow turned almost black, but at the same time it was the only impressive change in the championship, apart from, of course, empty stands and “muffled” silence near the racetrack in Austria and Hungary.

The results remained identical – the first race was won by Valteri Botas, the next two by the champion Luis Hamilton, so the giant from Stuttgart will have the next opportunity to lose at the “doubled” British Grand Prix in the first week of August.

At about the same time, in Berlin alone, the entire half-season in Formula E will be held within eight days, a championship in which there is even greater silence than the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, insofar as the electric motors themselves are “silent”.

The 2019/20 season in Formula E was interrupted after four races, and the next eight were canceled when the possibility arose that the entire rest of the championship would be held on the runway near the Tempelhof Airport. They will drive there on August 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 13. It is led by Antonio Felix da Costa from Mercedes’ biggest rival on the market, the Munich BMW. Belgian Vandorn is 19 points behind, while Dutchman de Vries is 20 points behind his colleague.

In that competition, however, Mercedes has no time to race, and when the first of six consecutive races starts on August 5, the Stofej Vandorn / Nick De Vries tandem will also drive black instead of silver vehicles.

Why did Mercedes, one of the few constructors in the world of cars that meticulously and carefully preserves tradition, not allowing trends to just push history into oblivion, decide on these moves?

The reason is the support for the fight against racism, in which the first star of Benz’s sports sector, Hamilton, was and remains very active and direct.

When several drivers from rival teams rejected the idea of ​​kneeling, as a form of protest due to the repression of the population of the USA of African-American origin, the Briton from Jamaica did not choose words too much.

His bosses are …

“We stand strongly against racism. We are against any form of discrimination,” Mercedes said in a statement.

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