The 2021 AMG GLE 63 S Comes with Sleek Curves and 603HP

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AMG’s four-door coupe has some updates for 2021, and they all make the GLE 63 S even better to drive.

Slicker 63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz’s large luxury crossover coupe has become even faster. The 2021 model year GLE 63 S features a better powertrain, updated styling and improved driving dynamics. If you like your AMG performance car addiction with gravel travel ability and a sleek coupe silhouette, this GLE 63 S is absolutely the Mercedes-Benz for you. 

Dark roof makes it look lower

True to its AMG styling principles, the GLE 63 S has a contrast roof option. By remaking the roof section in in black, you can combine a great contrasting color option with any new GLE 63 S. The darkened roof also helps to give the GLE 63 S lower design profile, which makes it look that much more, like a true sloping roofline coupe. 

Part four-door coupe, part SUV

The 2021 GLE 63 S rides on 22-inch alloy wheels, which really complete the side-profile styling treatment. To ease access to its cabin, there are slim running boards, which are shaped to be as aerodynamic as possible. Those red calipers can also be upgraded to actuate ceramic brakes. 

High beam AMG

The defining styling feature of this 2021 GLE 63 S, is its front grille. Engine cooling is facilitated by the Panamericana themed grille, with its thick vertical slats, finished in chrome. The headlamps also have a new LED illumination design. 

2021 AMG GLE 63S

V8 benefits from EQ-Boost

Powering the GLE 63 S is Mercedes-Benz’s 4-liter bi-turbo V8, tuned for the application, by AMG. This engine boosts 603hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. But AMG’s EQ Boost 48-volt integrated starter-generator system adds even more potency: 21hp and 184 lb-ft electric performance during peak surges of acceleration. Bury the throttle and you’ll experience 0-60mph in only 3.7 seconds, before buffering against an eventual top speed of 174mph. 

2021 AMG GLE 63S

Comfortable cabin for the committed AMG driver

The GLE 63 S cabin is a collection of fine Nappa leather and carbon-fiber trim. AMG has also reconfigured the center stack, adding controls for the GLE 63 S’s stability intervention systems, transmission settings and air-suspension control. This performance SUV is also capable of recording all your driving antics,  via a G-meter, stopwatch and lap timer. You are also able to monitor real time horsepower and torque outputs, via the digital instrumentation display. 

2021 AMG GLE 63S

All the right notes, port through here

Large rectangular exhaust ends ensure that the bi-turbo V8’s sound signature is delivery in its all its glory. AMG has also included the adjustable exhaust flaps, which can be controlled from the cabin, and allows a driver of the GLE 63 S, to set the car’s sound intensity from mild to wild. 

2021 AMG GLE 63S

A big AMG SUV which corners with agility

You’ll notice the defined rear aerodynamic treatment, carved in below the GLE 63 S’s bumper. This is an active diffuser, and it works in combination with the AMG performance SUV’s air suspension. Ride height can be varied according to road conditions and those air bellows also help counter body roll, during high-speed cornering. Further enhancing the GLE 63 S’s driving dynamics, tires specially developed for this AMG. 

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