Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

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The brand new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Just a day after Mercedes has reveld the brand new AMG GLS63 at the Los Angeles AutoShow, Mercedes Maybach has gone and unveiled an extra – plush version of this full size SUV. As speaking of the price, we dont have an precise number, but the rummors are that the price will start at 200.000 $. The biggest competitiors are the Bentley Bentayga, Rols-Royse Cullinan, the Lamborgini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX.

The Maybach GLS has been revealed in GLS600 grade only for now (more powerful options should be coming down the line). Its powertrain is a mild-hybrid setup combining a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 with an electric motor-generator designed to start the engine during stop-start driving and aid it during off-the-line acceleration. Under braking, the motor-generator recovers energy. Peak output is 550 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque, which ensures 0-60 mph acceleration in around 4.8 seconds. The top speed is governed to 130 mph. A 9-speed automatic and all-wheel drive are standard.

Setting apart the Maybach GLS from the regular GLS is a unique grille with multiple vertical slats. Additional chrome accents are featured around the vehicle and a Maybach logo features on each of the rear pillars. Buyers also have the option for two-tone paint schemes and the choice of 22- or 23-inch wheels.

The cabin is where the biggest departures from the regular GLS can be found. The Maybach puts an emphasis on even grander materials and extra comfort, especially for rear-seat passengers. A Maybach isn’t really a vehicle you drive yourself; the real fun is in the back. Getting in and out is made easier thanks to electronically extending running boards, and the rear seats can recline to provide almost bed-like comfort. This feature has come at the cost of a third row, however.

The Maybach GLS comes standard with three seats in the rear, though only the outer two seats recline. Maybach also offers the option to replace the middle rear seat with a fixed center console that joins up with the one at the front. This extended console has its own list of options including folding tables, a refrigerator and space for champagne bottles and flutes. You’ll need this to celebrate all the successful business deals helping to pay for your plush ride.

Mercedes’ active air suspension which can adjust depending on the road surface ahead or the bank of a curve is also fitted to further aid comfort. And finally, a fragrance dispenser ensures the cabin is always smelling fresh.

Being based on the GLS platform, production will be handled at Mercedes’ plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is already churning out the regular GLS. It will be the first time a Maybach has been built in the U.S.

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