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2019 GLC 300

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2019 GLC 300 w AMG Design Package. Picked up late August, one of first 2019’s delivered. Reviewing after 4 months. Mercedes has done a great job maximizing performance of this 4 cylinder SUV.

I was concerned it might be under powered but didn’t want a larger (GLE) SUV and, while there is a lot to love about the AMG version of the GLC, engine noise was just too ostentatious for me at this point. (Fun though.) Choice of drive modes adjusting engine, transmission, suspension, and steering, maximizes performance of the 4 cylinder engine in sport and sport+ modes. Purchased AMG design package for looks; sport brakes come w; excellent. Mileage slighly better in comfort than last SUV; use that for commuting, very comfortable. Haven’t used ECO much yet. Easy to change drive modes to sport or sport+ to merge w freeway traffic. If fuel economy not a concern, would use sport+ always. Great road feel, responsiveness.

Burmester surround sound definitely worth it. Distronic isn’t Tesla level but well worth getting. Traffic aware cruise control (Tesla’s name but more descriptive) makes cruise control worth using. Black interior very well done but won’t do again; too hard to find things in low light. Forced choice w AMG design package. Love blind spot alert; cooled as well as heated seats; push button one swipe on wipers. Too busy at work to learn commands and features in depth when picked up; finally have a little more time, happy with interfaces. One design issue: cover for under cargo storage should open in segments to allow partial opening without lifting all cargo. Really wanted cargo bars but discontinued. Overall, extremely pleased with car.

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