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Mercedes CLA 200 CDI review

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The CLA is at the start of a sedan offering in an impressively large Mercedes – Benz range. Car tax is being introduced by value rather than engine volume, so 220 CDI will be more popular again.

Mercedes, although it has the most traditional buyers in the world, is quite capable of being revolutionary and avant-garde. Because ladies and gentlemen, please, the CLA is much more original than the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, and has front-wheel drive, which is a big novelty for Mercedes in this class, and a big shock to customers. Mercedes experts realized that it was much better for future C and E-class buyers to “play” with their front-wheel-drive car instead of the Audi A4. That translates into a big tax, whether you have a 1.8 liter (200 CDI) or 2.2 liter (220 CDI) diesel under the hood.

You can easily get a bigger tax with a smaller engine if you buy a version with a lot of accessories. Because the state has decided from now on to tax the value of the car, not the size of the engine block.

Holy German trio:

Audi, BMW and Mercedes have given us so many great cars all these decades. I just don’t know if I prefer and appreciate Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Testing any model with the badge of some of these models is a big holiday for me. That was the case two decades ago, so it is today. The difference is that each other catches up to, overtakes, and innovates to create entirely new classes of cars.

The Germans need to acknowledge one thing: They do not copy each other. If it is looking into the “kitchen” of the competition, it is out of curiosity, because Audi, or BMW, will stubbornly develop their solutions, and persistently improve them from generation to generation.

A lot of knowledge, technical superiority and just enough drivers around the world who love to feel the ultimate capabilities and performance of cars have made the success of the German troika possible, and even today, in 2016, the rest of the world auto industry looks to their back. Even when an Infiniti makes a better, superior car (Q50), when one Lexus stuns people in a Mercedes with the S series, which is so reliable, that German cars next to it look like “toys”, customers remain in the vast majority (and especially in Europe) true to German premium cars.

And it’s not just because of habits, cheerleading tendencies, or the Balkan’s stubborn and utterly limiting views on the global auto industry, but because German brands have far more to offer with each new generation. And this is usually more than enough for buyers, especially if they only want to play with that car from time to time.

I enjoyed playing with the Mercedes CLA. The Germans are quite right, as their experts claim that imposing speed limits on German auto bans would only lead to three times the traffic jams, and not less dead on the roads. That’s why Germany lived! And also Audi, BMW, and of course Mercedes, because that rivalry has brought us such good cars.

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