Mercedes-AMG GT ‘Black Series’ spied lapping the ’Ring … again

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Mercedes-AMG GT ‘Black Series’ spied lapping the ’Ring … again

Black Series GT laps the ’Ring with huge wing and quiet exhaust note

A heavily bewinged Mercedes-AMG GT has been captured lapping the Nürburgring, revealing the latest glimpse into what is most likely the Black Series version’s development.

As the Nürburgring begins to open its gates for select events Mercedes-AMG has seized the chance to push ahead with development of its halo model in Germany’s warming weather.

The new footage gives us the latest look at the range-topper’s radical bodywork and samples its significantly changed V8 soundtrack, courtesy of what is believed to be a new flat-plane crankshaft at the twin-turbo V8’s core.

As for what we can take from the sighting, after speaking to Tobias Moers, head of AMG, at the Frankfurt Motor Show late last year, sister magazine Wheels gleaned the Black Series will be an overhauled GT R that builds upon the Pro version with GT3-inspired aerodynamic bodywork that was becoming too difficult to hide in production-nearing form. So what you see is what you get, then.

The GT in this video sports an aggressive front façade, with a scalloped bonnet hinting at the required air flow needed to cool its new powerplant, something which is expected to exceed 520kW when it debuts.

Then there are the vented front guard fairings and its front-lip that mimic the GT R Pro’s before a new front bumper that sports a single radiator opening, rather than a second one underneath the GT’s signature Panamerica grille, again hints at the car’s superior cooling.

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The bodywork opens up behind the front wheel arches, presumably to pull hot air out, before we’re treated to a hulking wing with an extra spoiler within its supports.

There’s also a rear bumper that spans its exhaust tips at its sides, rather the centre like other GT variants. And while that’s a new look, the noise coming from the rear is even more interesting.

The note is disappointingly muffled compared to a regular GT’s. There’s no audible throb or menace left in its wake but only a flat mono-tone blare. And while we cannot say if this is how the incoming Black Series will eventually sound, since there’s no information on the car’s exhaust tuning and this test’s particular criteria, we’re hoping otherwise.

On the other hand we know the powerplant will be key in uplifting the GT R Pro’s performance to the next level, something Moers has consistently promised up until the Black Series’ much anticipated release. And while that was originally planned for 2020 it’s comforting to see AMG cracking on with development.

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